Reducing Stress with a Tidy Home

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Studies have proven that maintaining a tidy life at home will lower your stress level. Ever heard of happy cortisol, happy life? Stress is not all bad! It‘s main use is to alert your body to a threat, the feeling of stress is just the unfortunate outcome after the fact. Your body releases the hormone cortisol which contributes to the feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. Being over stressed can affect a person’s body, mind, and behaviour making every day a challenge. Stress can also prevent you from enjoying your relationships with families and friends or decreasing your productivity at work.

When you have an organized home, you are able to lower your stress and be more efficient. Therefore tidying the home can increase your levels of productivity. Reducing clutter, putting items in organizers or on a shelf can help your day go by smoother with low stress involved. With less odds and ends (that we can’t recall buying but somehow deserve to be important enough to hold a place on the 1100$ dining set) we are able to put our energy towards the brain storm session you’ve been dreaming of hosting. Try hiring an organizer for your home, so the next time the season changes you will be able to find those overpriced children’s waterproof mitts. Join a monthly subscription to have a local cleaner maintain the dishes so packing a lunch for a busy day is 1000x easier.

To start, clean up your environment. No, not another ‘go out with a pitchfork and garbage bag,’ but to examine the space around you and really give yourself a chance to connect to how this space makes you feel. Clutter affects your health, your occupation, your financial well-being and your relationships. Being organized will allow yourself to be more productive and accomplish tasks faster, making organization is an dynamic step to lowering stress levels.

When you finally check off spot cleaning the upholstery and rugs for your upcoming holiday party, it will feel as if you just ran a marathon because accomplishing a task gives a feeling of accomplishment and success; and that feeling of success triumphs stress, ANY DAY! When you set a goal for yourself, and complete this task, our brain reacts like we just won something. It releases dopamine which gives us pleasure of satisfaction and encourages us to want to do it again. When humans complete a task, dopamine is released from the brain then releases a lower amount of cortisol. Whenever you get around to hiring that house cleaner you have been Googling every night as you glare down at the dishes piled up to the ceiling, you will feel a sense of satisfaction, and overall less stress. A professor of psychology from Penn State University said,” When things in our lives feel out of our control, I think tidying up can be psychologically reinforcing.” When you get complete a task, your life will feel like you are in control. This feeling of control keeps us comfortable and therefore lowers our stress levels.

Whether you pick up the mop yourself, or you hire a cleaning company, tidying up gives you a feeling of accomplishment and leaves you feeling productive.

A little bit of cleaning can go a LOOONG way for your body’s health.

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