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Greater Toronto's most Trusted On-Demand Professional Cleaners.There’s nothing better than coming home and experience a perfectly cleaned house so you can utilize your time for what matters the most. Benjamin's Elite Cleaning professional cleaning services offers the best cleaning experience of your dreams. Experience our unrivaled dedication, user-friendly booking platform, 100% customer satisfaction, and top-notch house cleaning services.


Book today! Toronto's most Elite Cleaning Services we are known for offering top-notch house cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We also offer plant-based, natural, and vegan cleaning products to perform enviro-friendly cleaning services for your home. Experience our reliable, friendly, and trustworthy house cleaning services today.

We Service:

  • Bungalow

  • Duplex

  • Triplex

  • Townhomes

  • Single-Detached

  • Buildings

  • Cottages

  • Co-op / Retirement Home

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Helping homeowners, we handle day-to-day maintenance.

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Meeting Customer Satisfaction

Our professionals at Benjamin's Elite Cleaning follow a quality cleaning checklist for a thorough clean job. Companies in Toronto and surrounding areas know that they will receive a thorough cleaning when they turn to us. We are committed to ensuring our clients receive consistent and reliable service. We continuously improve our services by training our Elite staff and using the most innovative technology to meet our customers’ needs. At Benjamin's Elite, we take the time to understand your needs.

Following Health and Safety Protocols

We enforce strict adherence to all health and safety standards. Our staff also comply with Provincial health and safety regulations and are trained according to WHMIS standards. Our professional cleaners perform regular maintenance and inspections on our cleaning supplies and equipment so that there are never any work stoppages or delays. Our cleaning staff understands and qualify for our high standards of Benjamin's Elite Cleaning. With cleaning techniques and services to have a uniform approach for all our clients safety.

Why Choose Us

Property owners have their expectations and regulations and we are available to listen. We provide free consultations to allow us to gather information about your establishment and elaborate on your expectations for our job and staff. We guarantee that your satisfaction is key and met when our staff is complete. We take pride in seeing our customers happy with a clean and safe environment so allow us to do the maintenance for you. With our trustworthy & trained cleaning professionals, providing our best listeners for your personalized consultation, and hardworking staff to get the job done efficiently at your satisfaction. From Homes, to Offices, Retail establishments, Industrial buildings, and more. Benjamin’s Elite Cleaning keeps buildings and businesses sparkling inside out.Our experienced staff have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done right – efficiently and effectively. We make it easy for property managers to focus on their innovation, with our reliable cleaning technique’s  and property management.